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Strategy & Innovation: Analysis, Testing, and Insight

We believe a solid strategy is focused first on your customer’s needs and challenges.  It takes into account your situation, resources, strengths, and competitors.  It helps you decide what is important to offer, and what is not.  Lansdowne can share the tools and methodologies to help you understand your customer, find a competitive position, and sharpen your focus on strategic goals.  Contact us today and ask for our tools so we can explain our approach and discuss your situation.

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Where Should I Be Focusing? – Your Purpose and Your Customer

Your team’s efforts need to be aligned to make progress, so it’s critical to communicate your purpose and direction.  Where should you go?  Ask your customers!  By creating value for them, you’ll succeed yourself.  Innovation is about learning what challenges to solve so you can focus your resources on things that matter. We can equip you with tools, like the Business Model Canvas, and knowledge so that you can create real customer value.  Let us understand your challenges during a free initial consultation, so we can begin looking at opportunities to move you forward.


How do I Beat My Competitors? – Offer Unique Value

By offering Unique Value to customers you can avoid competing on price (always a race to the bottom). We help our clients solve their customer’s highest value challenges so they offer value that moves them away from direct competition, into a space they can dominate. We will help you collect and analyze data so that you understand what your customer’s really value.  Then we can work with you to strategically communicate your strengths to improve your customer’s journey through your sales process .  Of course, it’s always easier to have a competitive cost structure as well.  We can discuss continuous improvement and Lean methodologies to help you get in shape.


How Do I Streamline? – Value Stream Analysis

You want to run lean so you need to get your value stream in shape.  Maybe you’re production costs are increasing, leaving you with less profit. Maybe you are a startup with a small budget which requires special attention to the risks you’re taking.  We can help you focus on the right opportunities so you can optimize your resources and begin a process of innovation so that you learn and continuously improve.  Produce more customer value at each stage of your operation and profit will come faster. Learn more about Value Stream Analysis here.


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