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Digital Marketing Strategy

Lansdowne offers marketing services with a focus on digital channels.  We can help you understand your customer’s demands so you can communicate a valuable offer. By validating and testing your strategy using analytics and data we can identify what’s working well and what is not. For creative design, graphics, photography, and video, our partners offer compelling content to help you build an engaging message.

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Who do we Target? …Why? – Analytics and data

Your decisions are only as good as the information you have available.  By making use of market assessments and structures tests we can help you identify real opportunities.  We help you track your online engagement through tools like Google Analytics and Hootsuite. To test and validate ideas and improve content and targeting, we can use keyword tests on Google Adwords or landing page call-to-actions to measure engagement.  We can assess your current efforts and offer advice regarding local SEO, SEM, and social media.  In order to improve, you need to measure your performance against your strategic goals and use this insight to make the right decisions. If you need someone comfortable digging through the data and interpreting it’s impact, we’re the right people to talk to!


How do we Connect to Our Customers? – Digital Marketing Plan

After developing insight into your operations and environment, you need to develop a marketing plan and actionable objectives to improve your customers’ awareness and get them engaged. The plan should go far beyond choosing a set of ads and hoping they are effective. A solid marketing plan is aligned to your business model and strategy, and is designed to differentiate your company by communicating your specific value to the customer.  It should also be tested and validated to optimize your messaging.  A solid plan will consider which channels are best to reach your customers, how to communicate your value to them, and encourage them to “take action now!”  

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What Should We Say? – Digital and Social Media Content

Your digital channel is only effective if your message is conveyed clearly. In both traditional and digital marketing we use creative partners to supply copy, images, video, or other media we believe will convey your message effectively in an engaging way. Our firm’s strength lies in the focused planning and measurement of outcomes, so we partner with artistic talent to generate the content and impact.  They supply the beauty and the tone, we direct the message and measure the impact by aligning content to develop your SEO, social network, and drive conversions.


Where Else Should We Focus? – Traditional Channels

While we grew up in a digital world, we recognize that there are many ways to connect with your customers.  Lansdowne works with designers in Vancouver that bring over 20 years of branding and advertising experience to the table. Together we develop content, promotional material, packaging, signage, print media, film, or animation… any media for any channel you need.  Reach out and we can discuss your needs!


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Services > Digital Marketing